Micro Thong Bathing Suit

Daring women look forward to wearing a micro thong bathing suit during their summer holiday. The thong bikini will look good on almost everyone as long as the woman has the confidence to show off her curves and a large portion of her skin. This swimwear will also look great when paired with different types of tops that will define the best assets of the wearer. Below are tips on choosing the best bikinis for you by finding out what bikini cuts and designs you should choose based on your physical built.

* Pear-shaped

Those with bottom-heavy figures should stay away from bottoms with lots of details. These will draw attention to their hips and thighs and will make them look larger. The right skimpy bikini can help accentuate other assets.

* Top-heavy

These women should avoid swimsuits with conservative cuts. These tops won’t help them flaunt their assets. Top-heavy women should play up their best features by wearing barely-there pieces that show off their upper bodies.

* Full-figured

Full-figured women can definitely wear scanty swimsuits. One doesn’t really need to have the perfect figure in order to wear barely-there beachwear items. The wearer just has to make sure that she gets the right fit. Designs and patterns that can help one look slimmer include small prints.

* Slim-figured

Those with slimmer figures can also don skimpy bikinis. Micro pieces that show off a lot of skin can help one look sexier and fuller. Scanty garments are definitely better thanĀ  one-piece bathing suits in plain fabrics since the latter don’t flatter the figure.

* Boyish-shaped

These are those who have broader shoulders and smaller waists should avoid wearing baggy shirts and similar shapeless attire when swimming. They should definitely wear sexy pieces that show off plenty of flesh.

* Curvaceous

Curvaceous girls are very lucky that they can wear almost any type of bathing suit. However, they should still remember to highlight their best assets. They should stay away from swimwear designs that don’t highlight their waists, busts, or hips. Bikinis with sexy cuts will definitely help in showing off those curves.

Whatever your body shape is, you’ll definitely find a bathing suit that’ll complement your skin tone, figure, and personality. Don’t be afraid to try on those with more adventurous cuts and designs because such swimsuits can help you flaunt what you’ve got. Plus, wearing barely-there items on the beach will definitely make you the center of attention. If you want to turn heads as you walk along the sandy shores, opt for scanty garments in vibrant colors.